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FAQ & Fansite Facts

What is Tristan's connection to Cystic Fibrosis?
His connection to Cystic Fibrosis is me - I'm Lorraine, mum to 2 sons who both have the genetically inherited condition Cystic Fibrosis - Daniel, age 25 and Joseph, age 17.
How long have you been running the Fansite?
The Fansite was created in March 2011 - with Tristan's permission - and has been credited to his Twitter profile since.
How long have you been a Fan of Tristan's?
Since he was in London's Burning in 2002 - there was something about Frank Mooney that I liked and I wanted to know more about the real person who played him.  Tristan is actually nothing like any character he has ever played in real life - he is a real gentleman, very supportive and considerate ... and has the patience of a Saint!  I like him!  People say you should never meet your idol - I met mine and he's as nice as I hoped he would be.
Why do you like Tristan?
The first obvious answer is going to be because he's handsome - everyone can see that, but I see more - I see a hard working family man with no airs or graces - I see someone who appreciates time taken to build this site - someone who has supported my fundraising efforts for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust for 12 years with no hesitation - someone who genuinely cares.  He is very intelligent and you'll never find him in the gossip columns of magazines.
Why did you set up the Fansite?
I wanted a place for "All Things Tristan Gemmill" - everything in one place for fan's like myself.
Does Tristan have his own website?
No - but he now owns after I transferred ownership to him in 2013.
Does Tristan have a personal Facebook account?
Yes, but purely for linking to his family in Australia.  Tristan prefers to use Twitter.
Does this Fansite link to the "real" Tristan Gemmill's Twitter profile?
100% Yes!
Have you met Tristan?
* Yes, briefly in September 2013 at a Charity Ball in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.
* Wednesday 27th August 2014 when he invited me to see his Dressing Room at The Bodyguard Musical, Adelphi Theatre for a 30 minute chat and to take some photographs.
* The Cystic Fibrosis Starry Night Charity Ball in Bristol on Saturday 19th September 2015 where he also brought his wife, Emily.
* He attended my 50th Birthday Charity Ball on 20th May 2016 having filmed in Manchester all day he left there at 5.30 pm, drove all the way to Grantham, Lincs, spent a few hours with me and my family and friends, then drove on down to the Cotswolds where he lives probably getting home gone 1 am.  Such a considerate thing to do which touched me.
* I met him in Nottingham in May 2017 after a Charity Football Match where I met his wife Emily and their 3 children.
* I met him at Kym Marsh's Ball in Manchester on 11th February 2018.
* He came to our 25th Wedding Anniversary Ball in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust on 19th May 2018 with his wife and 3 children.
* I won a private Tour of the Coronation Street Studio in a Charity Auction in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and did the Tour with my eldest son on Friday 18th October 2019 - Tristan accompanied us on the Tour as arranged with him privately - this was just before he left the series.
Where do you get all the information about him?
Google and his Twitter profile.  Nothing on this Fansite comes directly from Tristan, but if I think something might not meet his approval, I ask him first before adding it to the Fansite - including images of his family - all approved by him.
Can I be an Affiliate of the Fansite?
 Can you WHAT?!
Why no Adverts on the Fansite?
This Fansite is dedicated 100% to "All Things Tristan Gemmill" - adverts can generate monies, but they are very annoying, and there is no way I would EVER make money from Tristan's name - I'm here to support him, as he has supported me with my Charity Fundraising.
Can you get a Charity donation for me?
Write to him via the "Contact Tristan" address for his Agent for "something signed", but do remember to enclosed a SAE if you would like a reply. 
Can you advertise a Charity Event Tristan is attending on the Fansite for me/us?
Of course!  Just send information/poster via the "Contact Me" tab.
Do you have direct contact with Tristan?
Yes, via e-mail.  I can forward e-mails to him, but cannot guarantee a reply.  ALL e-mails are forwarded to him which come through the Fansite no matter what they are in connection with, it's then his choice to reply. 
I also have his home address - I can forward anything you want him to get quickly as his Agent's can take quite some time to forward on mail, but you'd have to send it to me first.  I won't give out his home address to anyone.
Can I have Tristan's e-mail address?
Sorry, can't pass on that information without his permission, but I can forward e-mails to him.
Why did Tristan dye his hair?
He told me it was time to stop dying it - he suits it - handsome either way.
Is Tristan on Instagram?
Yes, he joined in 2018 - his ID is tristanjgemmill

Some background to the STAT's on this Fansite:
The most viewed area of the Fansite is Photographs with over 50% viewing each month - most are interested in seeing pictures of him with his wife, Emily.
Second most viewed area is "About Tristan".
Variations of search for spelling of Tristan's name over the past 3 years range from:  Tristram Gemmill, Tristan Gemill, Tristan Gemmil, Tristram Gremlin, Tristan Jemmil, Trustan Gemmill, Tristian Gemmill, Trisdan Gemmill, Tristram Gemmell, Tristan gemil, Tristan Gammil, Tristin Gemmill, Tristen Gemil, Tristan Gammil, Trisan Gemmill, Triston Gemmile,  (all taken from STAT's!).
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When you search for Tristan in ANY format, i.e. Tristan naked, Tristan Eastenders,  Is Tristan married, How many children does Tristan have, How long is Tristan in The Bodyguard, Tristan Casualty, How tall is Tristan  .... I can see it all (and you won't find any naked pictures of Tristan on this Fansite)!!  ALL searches for Tristan, even if you spell his name wrong, are logged in the STAT's on this website - but only I can see them!
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